Intention propels Kate into action
Intention propels Kate into action

Kate very much feels her home: her rooms and her furnishings shout “Kate,” and this is very important to her.

All rooms felt like home, except the den. For some reason, she hadn’t taken ownership of this room, and it had built a personality of its own. She was unable to visualize the room, unable to take charge of it.

K office before   K office before 2

She wanted a den that didn’t feel like an office; a sacred space that encouraged creativity; she wanted lushness and vibrancy. She wanted to be drawn into the room.

I created an action plan for K that honored all her activities and proposed a room layout. But because she knew that this was a big change, that it would take a lot of energy, K was hesitant. While she started the process of de-cluttering, it wasn’t an inspired change. There was lacking a certain fire, a certain impetus.

And then she attended my Move Your Things, Energize Your Life session at the New Perspective Event. There, she got inspired: she heard me speak about setting intention in your space. “It ramped it up for me. It shone a light. After that, when I touched an object, I asked myself if it fit with my intention for this room. It was so much easier then to decide what should stay and what needed to go. Everything I placed, I did so intentionally—I want this feeling here, and this to happen there.”

Within days, she had completely transformed her den into a space that shouted “K.” Where, in her words, “I want to roll around on the floor I love this room so much!”

K office after 1    K office after 2

K’s transformation of her den is impressive. She nailed it.

This process created a shift in K’s personal life. She has begun to take charge of her career and has made some very significant moves. She attributes these moves to the shift in energy she got from moving things out of her life that didn’t serve her—that didn’t serve her intentions.

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  1. Nina November 25, 2013 | reply
    Just reading this is giving me motivation! Thankyou! Nina
    • Allyson November 30, 2013 | reply
      Nina, I'm so glad that this story has inspired you. Keep me posted!

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