Organizing Your Move

Planning on moving your home or office? Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the details? Just don’t have the time or manpower to manage the move?

We love details, planning, and scheduling. We are good at anticipating glitches–and keeping those at bay, and resolving any issues quickly should they occur.

We are flexible to your needs and our goal is a stress-free move for all. And we love saving you money! At every turn, we look for ways to reduce the costs and impact of your move.

Small Office and Home Moves

With small offices and busy homes, it’s often difficult to spare one person to manage the move—everyone is maxed out as it is. There are phone calls to make, services to schedule, let alone all the packing and unpacking. Leave it to us, and we’ll manage all the details:

  • transitioning current billing accounts and setting up new billing accounts
  • meeting landlord requirements
  • move-out and move-in cleaning
  • IT and telecom hookups
  • booking a reputable moving company
  • arranging for packing and unpacking support
  • organizing and staging the new office
  • and so much more!

Let REVIVE Organize manage your move—it’s as simple as making one phone call: 778-866-8483.


Client Stories*


A small company move—with less than 3 weeks notice

A 3-person consulting firm needed to move–and fast! This firm’s top priority was a smooth move: reduce the move’s impact on their staff, keep the costs down, and handle all the nit-picky details.

With these needs in mind, REVIVE Organize incorporated move strategies that clearly identified when the staff did need to be involved, hired a assistant to assist with packing at specific times, and booked the movers on the weekend.

To avoid moving old files and documents that needed to be archived, the move strategy also included scheduling an Archive and Purge week, where staff were given the tools and equipment to purge outdated files, pare down office supplies, and archive documents.

Only current files and useful office supplies were moved, giving the office a fresh new start.

IMG_3319   IMG_3317

IMG_3313   IMG_3318

“We love our new space. Thank you again for your help with our big move
(big for us!)”–Victoria


Diane: I am getting divorced, I need to split our goods and move

It was very painful and overwhelming: Diane was separating from her husband and moving out of their home. Fairly quickly, they needed to decide what each to keep and what to give up, but they did not want to discuss each item individually. She asked for the best way to communicate with her husband about her desires that would respect his wishes, and yet let hers be known.

Some simple but effective staging strategies helped both parties to make their desires known, without needing to talk about each item.

  • Staging area for each person
  • Colored Super-Sticky Post-It Notes
  • Colored garbage bags

post-it      garbage bags
We assigned Diane a staging area in the house and in the garage. Any items that were moved into those areas were to be Diane’s.

Anything that was undecided was labelled with an orange Post-it Note. If the item with the orange Post-It note was put in Diane’s staging area, then her husband had decided to let her have it. And vice versa.

Items destined for donation were put into clear garbage bags and staged in the garage. This allowed both to see what was destined for donation. Black bags were used for garbage and blue bags for recycling.

Coming packing day, a couple of other strategies helped with the process. She purchased some banker’s boxes and labelled them Memorabilia. Any item that she couldn’t quite get rid of, but didn’t want displayed in her new space, she put in the box.

For all other packing, she ordered recycled re-usable moving boxes from Frog Box, a local moving box company. As the moving boxes were to be picked up with a day of moving, this inspired Diane to unpack everything and to make a home for herself fairly quickly.

“The staging and Post-it notes made this whole process doable. This way, I could have my emotional reaction by myself, in private, and then keep going.” – Diane


*To preserve confidentiality, we have used pseudonyms in all our client stories.