Organizing Paper

Can’t find important files when you need them? Can’t see the top of your desk? Papers spilling into your living space?

Your mind is best served by thinking creatively, not stressing about finding important papers that you need to sign today. Or finding that bill you needed to pay yesterday.

Using the principles from David Allen’s Getting Things Done, we work with you to streamline your incoming papers and tasks, set up a functioning filing system, and—most importantly—teach you how to maintain your new system.

Find Your Papers Fast

The Freedom Filer® system uses color-coded tabs and a unique rotating system to eliminate the need to review and clean out files. It is ideal for any single person, family, or home business.

The benefits of using Freedom Filer® to organize files include:

Freedom Filer filing system

  • Freeing yourself from ever having to review and clean out files
  • Eliminating the need to set up new folders or re-label files each year
  • Having all your documents immediately available at tax time
  • Keeping current policies and personal files at your fingertips


Client Stories*


Cheryl: Sudden life change put me behind in my paperwork

For reasons beyond her control, Cheryl was suddenly facing a significant life change. As a result, Cheryl let her business paperwork slide, neglected her personal papers, and was late for filing taxes. She confessed that she hates paper and is constantly struggling with it.

The act of booking a session with Allyson set her mind at rest. She knew that after working with Allyson she would have a system that she could rely on to keep her on track.

Organizing paper files with CherylDuring the paper organizing sessions, Cheryl dove in and made decisions that she had been incapable of making on her own.

With guidance from Allyson, Cheryl was able to clear all her loose papers and sort them into her filing cabinet, with room to spare.

After a couple of sessions, she finds huge relief in knowing where all her papers are, what to do with them, and finding what she needs quickly and efficiently.

“Just back from vacation, I got a call from someone asking about a project. I was able to locate what the person needed in less than one minute!” – Cheryl


Tegan: Five hours of organizing removed five years of worry

With much trepidation, Tegan brought out five years’ worth of unsorted tax receipts. Not having filed her business taxes for five years was causing Tegan much distress. She didn’t want to have that pressure hanging over her anymore; she was ready.

It was time to catch up, and begin the process of sorting paper into broad categories so she could start filing her back taxes.

Organizing paper files with TeganAt the end of five hours, we had sorted all receipts by year, and the last three years were further sorted by tax category.

This task had been weighing heavily on Tegan; little did she realize how quickly the receipts could be sorted.

“It was a huge relief to make an appointment with my accountant to begin filing my back taxes.” – Tegan


*To preserve confidentiality, we have used pseudonyms in all our client stories.