Organizing Spaces

You walk into the room and you get a gut check—it’s like you’ve hit a wall. Overwhelmed with everything, not knowing how or where to start, you turn around and leave. And you do something else, because it’s all too much.

If this sounds familiar, there’s good news. We see beyond the clutter and visualize the room’s potential to support your goals—and we know how to get there. We provide encouragement, information, and motivation to transform your space so that you can transform your life. The solution will be yours and yours only—customized to what you need and want.

Now, every time you walk by, the room invites you in.

Process for Organizing Spaces

The Clear & SIMPLE™ organizing system is unique: it uses a system that makes organizing simple.

This organizing system provides concrete action steps to achieving your goal using the STACKS© method of organizing.

  1. Sort – Pick up an item and ask “what is this?” Put it in a box with other similar items (no other decisions yet!), and label boxes with Post-It Notes. You’ll have about 10-15 categories.
  2. Toss – When you are finished sorting, go through each box one at a time. Pull out items that no longer serve you…you’ll know which ones. Put these into bags marked “Donation” or “Recycle” and “Trash” (for items that are soiled, ripped, or otherwise not donate-able).
  3. Assign a Home – Each box will contain items that you’re keeping. Identify where you’ll need them most often. Near the front door? In the bathroom? Move the box to that location.
  4. Contain – Measure both the “keep” items and the space where they will live, and then (only then!) go shopping for containers, shelving, bins. Give an extra 25% free space to allow for new items to live.
  5. Keep it Up – Create a simple plan for how you will maintain the area. A note in your calendar once a season will do the trick. Repeat the first two steps, but this time it will be so much faster!
  6. Simplify – Before buying new, be sure to ask: Will this serve me? Do I love it? Will I use it? Do I have room for it?


Client Stories*


Fran: Reclaiming my bedroom after the divorce

Since her divorce, Fran was unable to fully claim her bedroom and master closet. Piling clothes everywhere, she had no inclination or motivation to love her room. She knew she needed help to reclaim her space.

Francloset_before2               Closet_before

During our sessions we sorted her clothes, selecting those that made her feel vibrant and beautiful.

After working with us, Fran’s closets are filled with clothes that she loves, that fit her, and in which she feels great. Her bedroom is now ready for the interior designer to add personality to the bedroom.

Closet_after2               Closet_after

“I never could have done this myself!” – Fran


Nathaniel: I’m storing LEGO models on the floor

Nathaniel is an 11 year-old boy who loves books and LEGO.

After years of collecting, his closet was overflowing and his bedroom floor was scattered with LEGO models. Nathaniel couldn’t easily access the boxes to store his LEGO models. There also were no surfaces left for his current LEGO building projects–so he used the floor.

Due to the chaotic nature of his bedroom, Nathaniel found it difficult to settle down at night and have a restful sleep.

Toy closet - before organizing              Child bedroom - Before

During our three organizing sessions, we worked together to group similar toys together, give each toy grouping a specific home and container, and make space to display his prized LEGO models. The bedroom layout was also re-arranged to include a bookcase and a functional desk.

Toy closet - After 2   Child bedroom - After

Nathaniel sleeps better now and he is thrilled with his new room. He was able to relax, knowing his prized possessions are within reach and within sight.

“My room is amazing! I thought it was going to be hard, but it was fun. If you’re thinking about getting organized — go for it! It is awesome.” – Nathaniel


*To preserve confidentiality, we have used pseudonyms in our client stories.