About Allyson Butt, Professional Organizer

Allyson is driven to improve our world by connecting with people and helping them surmount obstacles.

Allyson ButtA creative problem-solver, she excels in opening avenues for her clients to imagine a new vision, and then helps them to implement their vision.

Allyson uses her talent for planning and organizing to affect a transformation for her clients.

In getting organized, clients transform from feeling anxious and overwhelmed to feeling relieved and empowered.

Allyson loves to see her client’s excitement when it starts to come together and they can see the impact of their work together. It’s like a switch has been turned on: clients energetically tackle things that before felt insurmountable and overwhelming.

Once they take the plunge, her clients have renewed energy, focus, and clarity. It is magical.

Why I do this work

One day a few years ago, sitting in my corporate office, I was confused and overwhelmed. For some reason, I couldn’t figure out what tasks to focus on, what to do next. I was getting behind in my work, and I was stuck.

In walked my product manager; a software engineer with a very precise way of thinking. He helped to clarify what was and what was not important. What I could let go of. How to approach my tasks.

When he left, I was singing inside.

When he left my office, I was elated. I knew what I had to do, and where to start.

In less than 10 minutes, I had gone from feeling desperate from lack of clarity and direction to feeling absolutely elated. And because I had a clear vision and direction, that elated feeling stayed with me for the whole project.

Why was this significant?

A year later, when our department was laid off due to downsizing, I took some time to reflect on my career, and what skills I possessed that could help this world.

I kept coming back to how transformational that one meeting with the engineer had been on my psyche, my motivation, and my enthusiasm.

I decided that I wanted to effect that type of transformation and help others to break free from the constraints of overwhelm and anxiety. I decided that if one person could do that for me, I could do that for others.

Since making that decision, I have not looked back, and I have never been happier.


  • Bachelor of Arts in English from Simon Fraser University
  • BC Provincial Instructor’s Diploma from Vancouver Community College
  • Trained Professional Organizer with Professional Organizers in Canada, Professional Organizer training with Clear & SIMPLE
  • Certified Feng Shui consultant with Feng Shui Designs