Sue reclaims room in 15-minute increments

Sue is resilient, courageous, and so very determined. I wanted to share her story as a way to inspire others, as she inspires me.

Sue is on disability and, over the years, has found a passion in making beautiful objects. Her dream has been to sell her crafts on Etsy.

But she was faced with a chaotic and disorganized room, so she lacked focus and enthusiasm for creating. In her words, “When I walk into the room, there’s a wall in front of my creativity. I’m not comfortable here. I want a different energy; I want to feel creative.”

Sue before 1 Sue before 2

When we first met, Sue rated herself a 3 out of 10 in energy and enthusiasm. She was also very aware of her limitations: due to her illness, she could only work in 15-minute increments.

Sue needed to make the changes in her own time; and she needed an approach that she could manage. So I created a 7-page action plan that outlined, in great detail, all the steps needed to reclaim her room as a creative space. The goal was to remove anything that didn’t support her creative endeavors; to honor the space as sacred. And she set to work.

In two 15-minute sessions, she cleared her desk.

Sue after 1

Just making that change energized her and encouraged her to continue.

Over the next few months, little by little, she removed all furniture that wasn’t needed for her craft. She moved furniture to maximize the light and view of the garden, and created a welcome sight upon entering the room. One by one, she sorted through many boxes.

Sue after 3  Sue after 3

Her hard work paid off. Getting organized and honouring her creative space has helped her health, her outlook on life, and her creative focus.

She now rates her energy and enthusiasm as 8 out of 10.

Sue blogged about re-organizing her creative space while following the written action plan. Read Sue’s blog posts at In Ady’s Footsteps.

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  1. Sue November 10, 2014 | reply
    Allyson, you gave me my creativity back! Although it was a slow process due to my limitations, your excellent manual made it possible for me to reclaim my space. Now every time I go into my room, it makes my heart sing. I have moved my recliner into a corner, and this room is now a sanctuary. To my great delight, I am once again able to immerse myself in my great passion of reading in this sacred space.

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